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Xamarin and Mono … You are rock !

I’ve known Mono quite a couple years ago but I didn’t really have a chance to try it out and dig deeper into this stuff. Honestly, when I hear about it, I’m a lil bit skeptical about it. Because back in the day, the implementation is very very incomplete. But now everything is change. And I’m ready to change my opinion too about that. This would be fun.,

Previous week I’ve been playing around and try some nice toys called Xamarin. Do you know what it is ? That’s make c# developer comes true ! You transition to become a mobile developer is very very smooth. Your learning curve is small. Easier to made a great apps and make money of course. Check their website and try it yourself.




If You love c# so bad. You praise Visual Studio a lot. This stuff is for you ! About last week ago they held a developer conference called Xamarin Evolve. I think they will upload this website soon. Check it regularly.


Fortunately channel9 able to interview Miguel de Icaza. This interview is amazing. He is a brilliant guy behind Mono and Xamarin.


And the things that made Xamarin posible is Mono. I will talk about it later in this blog.

Stay tuned !


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