TopCoder Tutorial




The Importance of Algorithm

How to dissect TopCoder Problem Statement

How to find Solution

Planning approach to TopCoder Problem Part 1 Part 2

Computational Complexity Part 1 Part 2 


Data Structure


Data Structures


Integers and Reals Part 1 Part 2

A bit fun : fun with bits

Range Minimum Query and Lowest Common Ancestor

Binary Search and Red Black Trees

Binary Indexed Tree

Disjoint-Set Data Structures

Using Tries


Problem Solving Paradigm


Functional Programming

Introduction to Recursion Part 1, Part 2

Dynamic Programming

Dynamic Programming from Novice to Advanced

Greedy is Good

Binary Search




Recognizing and Representing a Graph

Searching Graph

Finding the best path through Graph

Maximum Flow Part 1 & Part 2

Max Flow Revisited

Minimum Cost Flow – Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Assignment Problem and Hungarian Algorithm

Push Relabel Approach to the Maximum Flow Problem




Mathematics for Topcoders

Prime Numbers, Factorization and Euler Function

Basic Combinatorics

Primality Testing : Non-deterministic Algorithms

Linear Recurrences

Understanding Probabilities

Algorithm Games




Basic Concepts

Line intersection and its Applications

Using Geometry in Topcoder problem

Computational Geometry with Complex Numbers

Line Sweep Algorithm




Introduction to String Searching Algorithms

Using Regular Expression


Language and Library


A Crash Course in the C++ Standard Template Library

Power up C++ with STL Part 1, Part 2

Java for C++ Coders and vice versa

A Crash Course in Java Collections Framework

On Sentinels

Beginning with C#

Beginning with C++

C++ Numbers and String

New feature of Java 5


Testing and Challenge

The Intricate Art of Testing

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