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I’m so Lucky so Do you !

November 24, 2017 Leave a comment

I’m so lucky i can meet these great people as my mentor. Everyone of them shape my thinking and make me who i am today.


One of them teach me how to write clean code, with test driven development, good object oriented programming, messaging and distributed system.

One of them teach me how to write high performance code for realtime system.

One of them also teach me how to lead software development, how to learn something completely.

Also algorithm and runtime details, everything that make you great software engineer.

Machine learning and Big Data, it’s not just a buzzword anymore.

They made me who i am today. You can be like me too. You are the special one too. All you need is a good mentor. To teach you have to how fish. Learn the basic

To make you the special one too.

Great Software Engineer.

Great Data Engineer.

Great Data Scientist.

That’s what makes Indonesia different. That’s what makes our Startup and our Enterprise become alive again.

Join us !

It doesnt matter wheter you are children, kids, boys, girls, startup, enterprise, software engineer and technology enthusiast. You can be a makers !


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