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Getting Started with Microsoft Orleans

July 25, 2016 Leave a comment

We .NET developers already know that .NET is rich on the client side development. A lot of library and framework on this space. However .NET community is lack of the highly scalable server side application or distributed computing. However Microsoft Orleans and Akka .NET comes into .NET world to bring hope and make .NET exciting again. We will dive in into how to setup client and server application with Microsoft Orleans in this blog post.

Microsoft Orleans is framework for building distributed system with Actor model. It have a simple programming approach that make it easier for all level of developer to build the software. It also has a great documentation and step by step tutorial. However i have difficulties on setting the orleans silo ( server ) to be accessed from the remote computer. Here’s how we can do that.

I assume that you have already follow the tutorial on Step by step tutorial especially the first three post.

My First Orleans Application

Minimal Orleans Application

Running in a Stand alone silo

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Awesome free Cloud Services to try !!

December 7, 2012 Leave a comment

Not because I don’t like azure. but everyone is looking for something free. not to mention that I don’t have a credit card. Open-mouthed smile So I like a free cloud services. Especially with .NET support

I think both of this services need to be explored.

Appharbor is very simple to get started with and the feature I like is background process. You can combine the solution and be creative. For some services it’s free.



Realtime apps development is getting common latetly. Being able to push realtime data to client and streaming it efficiently and securely is the need of the modern apps. But building a distributed and networked apps is not easy. You need to know a lot about that. So why build one, let’s use the best in this area. I’ve just found this services and need to give it a try for the capability.



Do you have another alternatif ? Free and .NET support please ?



WP 7 dan Push Notification di Azure

February 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Windows Phone 7 and Azure is the perfect match. Learn that from now. 🙂


Memulai Windows Azure

February 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Windows azure merupakan platform as a service dari microsoft. Cloud computing akan merubah cara anda membangun aplikasi. Anda lebih baik memulai dari sekarang karena perkembangan Azure sangat cepat sekali. Siapkan lingkungan kerja anda untuk Windows Azure sekarang.  Anda tidak salah jika memilih windows azure sebagai Paas anda, karena sangat mudah sekali untuk memulainya. Meskipun anda harus mengetahui background arsitektur yang cukup. Tidak ada kesulitan setup environment ketika anda memulai dengan Windows Azure. Windows Azure akan mengangkat aplikasi anda ke awan dan menjaganya disana. 😛



Please Add .NET for Cloud CI

February 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Sumber :

Baru saja dapat kabar bahwa ternyata telah tersedia Continous Integration server on Cloud bernama Travis CI.  Tapi sayangnya support masih terbatas untuk beberapa bahasa seperti Ruby, Node.js, Erlang, PHP, Scala. We need .NET support. 😦

Future plan untuk .NET support memang sudah ada. Sepertinhya harus sabar menunggu.

Alternatif lain jika anda memiliki open source project anda dapat mendaftarkan ke CodeBetter Continuous Integration. Servernya menggunakan TeamCity. Mungkin anda memiliki kesempatan untuk bergabung. 🙂

Atau mungkin seseorang ingin melakukan crazy stuff and get hands dirty dengan melakukan deployment Open Source Continuous Integration Server ke Windows Azure ?

Atau jika anda .NET developer mungkin akan lebih mudah untuk mengambil Cruise Control .NET, do some effort and deploy it to Azure. This article maybe can give you a hint