Publishing to Maven Central

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You can follow the tutorial for publishing your library from this following series of youtube videos. You will need to request via Sonatype JIRA and wait for approval. It’s explained in the series.

However if you want the easiest way you can leverage using bitbucket pipeline. You can see the step by step on how to do that from this tutorial. It’s still in beta phase but looks promising. You should give it a try and ask for the trial. Yes, you need to request the trial first and wait for the approval.

The missing part on the tutorial above is on how to generate the key. Here’s how you can do that in Windows machine.

  1. Download the gnugpg for windows here
  2. Setup the key for signing
    1. Generate the key
      gpg –gen-key
    2. Find the list of the key to find the id
      gpg2 –list-keys
      gpg2 –list-secret-keys

      Let’s say that the id is 4C7CF393. We will use this key in the subsequent step.

    3. Publish the public key
      gpg2 –keyserver hkp:// –send-keys 4C7CF393
    4. Export the private key
      gpg -a –export-secret-key 4C7CF393 > private-key.gpg
    5. Donlot for encryption
    6. Add the binaries to your PATH environment variables
    7. Encrypt the key
      openssl aes-256-cbc -in private-key.gpg -out private-key.gpg.enc -pass pass:somesecretpwd
  3. Upload that key to your repository. You can base your repository by copying this repository and replacing the private key there.
  4. Copy your source code and etc there.
  5. Replace the configuration for username and password by looking at README from this repository
  6. Edit the pom.xml so it publish your library
  7. You can follow the rest of the tutorial from this

Happy Publishing !


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Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP) available in Maven Central

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Finally ETP java library available in maven central. You could use this one in your pom.xml


Here’s the sample of my pom.xml


It will automatically import avro as dependency. Now you can use it from your project.


You can also find the various way to add that to your build system from this link

All the source code and pom.xml that required to generate the java source using maven plugin can be seen from ETP Java Bitbucket

And you can find the pom example in my Github

Enjoy !


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MsTest, xunit and nunit configuration in .NET Core

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.NET core supports three unit test framework in this version. We can also use Test Explorer in Visual Studio. Here’s the configuration in project.json








Here’s three project with each test framework and a couple of test class


Open the test explorer from Menu Test -> Window -> Test Explorer

Please build the test projects first and the test will be shown in Test Explorer.



You can access the source code and configuration in my Github

Happy TDD-ing !!





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Porting to .NET Core – My Little Project

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GeekSeat – We’re Hiring!

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Geekseat is my new home – Home for Geeks

August 31, 2016 2 comments

Geekseat is a agile soft company that locate in Bandung. My friends and mentee works there so i think why pay them a visit in their own base camp while i can. I got nothing to do besides of job hunting for jobless programmer.:)

I’m utterly shocked to the max

There are a couple unique things that you will find out in Geekseat. Its not something you can see in regular company in Indonesia.Well, I might be bias but I have a lots of friends and working on software industry for almost 8 years.

This culture still amaze me. How could they work like this? Is this even possible.

After visiting them I’m doing my research about the nature of geeks work and personality. It’s really different from other profession. I found a good book for this one. This book is really recommended for geek leaders or manager or whatever title is popular right now.




Here’s a unique culture in Geekseat.


  1. No dress code. You can wear anything to office.
  2. You can work anywhere remotely.
  3. The office is cleared at 4 pm.
  4. Family culture is really the key.
  5. No manager. Only a leader.
  6. No gap between junior and senior
  7. Agile is in its blood. Well it’s agile soft development in his name. What do you expect.
  8. Say no to overtime. Agile is all about sustainable pace.
  9. Interview process. Everyone is a family right from the beginning. Geekseat treat the candidate as customer. We never judge people. We educate right from beginning.
  10. Training process. We never leave the junior or newcomer going point blank without any direction. We provide training from the basic algorithm to advanced enterprise integration pattern.
  11. One person only focus on one project. We never overload the family member


I also read a book by Paul Sloane Leader’s guide to lateral thinking. The book mention that kind of organization called spaghetti. This model of organization produce a lot of productivity and creativity. Because geeks don’t respect the hierarchy structure. Power can’t control geeks !



Geeks can only be effective if leading by geeks. Because they respect technical knowledge. Behavior is irrelevant with productivity.


So previously I have been crafted this manifesto called Geeks Manifesto. Drum roll….








So if you think you are geeks and doesn’t feel happy. You should asked yourself. Are you on the right home?

So I’m proudly announce that starting today I’m joining Geekseat as Technical Expert.

The only thing i need to prepare is short pants. So i’m not looking like an alien when using my usual office dress code.


Nuff said.


Rock on !

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Getting Started with Microsoft Orleans

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We .NET developers already know that .NET is rich on the client side development. A lot of library and framework on this space. However .NET community is lack of the highly scalable server side application or distributed computing. However Microsoft Orleans and Akka .NET comes into .NET world to bring hope and make .NET exciting again. We will dive in into how to setup client and server application with Microsoft Orleans in this blog post.

Microsoft Orleans is framework for building distributed system with Actor model. It have a simple programming approach that make it easier for all level of developer to build the software. It also has a great documentation and step by step tutorial. However i have difficulties on setting the orleans silo ( server ) to be accessed from the remote computer. Here’s how we can do that.

I assume that you have already follow the tutorial on Step by step tutorial especially the first three post.

My First Orleans Application

Minimal Orleans Application

Running in a Stand alone silo

Read more…