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Big Data, Apache Hadoop and Cloudera

Big data is everywhere, people are talking about it. We need to be prepare to embrace this wave. If you try to find or search through the internet you will find that Hadoop is circling Big Data. Hadoop is an operating system for big data. So let’s get started to meet Apache Hadoop in Action.

The most convenient way to introduce to hadoop is by using Virtual Machine provided by Cloudera. Cloudera is one of the biggest vendor that bundle hadoop ecosystem in one package.  It also provide monitoring and easier manager to manage your cluster. It’s really easy also to deploy the whole cluster with this package. Let’s continue with downloading the package.

Please download Cloudera Quickstart from this link. It almost 4 Gb. If you would like to register and find the latest installer please go to this site.



Make sure that you have installed VMWare Player on your machine. Please find the installer in this site.


Extract the quickstart files and open from VMWare.


You need to have 8GB RAM and 2 Virtual CPU. Please configure that from Virtual Machine settings.




Run the Virtual machine and after it finish booting then execute “Launch Cloudera Express” from Desktop. Please be patience until all service has been started.




If you haven’t open the browser, please open it and open Cloudera Manager from bookmarked address.



Login with Username : cloudera, and password : cloudera.



Make sure that all service is running. If there’s some service down, please start that manually.



You can also access HUE ( Hadoop User Experience ) from browser bookmark also. You can login with the same username and password you entered to Cloudera Manager.




If you want to make sure all installation is correct then you can do some health checking by doing this testing.

Congratulation you have successfully run single node cluster with Cloudera distribution.  Smile 

For more tutorial you can download this via this workshop. Thanks to Gandhi Manalu and Institut Teknologi Del.

If you still have some spirit and energy left please follow Cloudera Comprehensive tutorial from this site.



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