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Build on Windows, Deploy on Linux


I think there’s nothing can beat Visual Studio when it comes to .NET development. MonoDevelop like Miguel de Icaza said in this presentation is nothing close to VS2012. But I do interested on where Xamarin Studio will headed.

Developing and Compiling I think still ok on Windows. Just need to deploy and test an assembly on Linux.

So how we do that ? How we transfer that binary to the Linux server. I assume that the server won’t have a UI for performance sake. I think that’s the best. We can fine tune the server for processing concurrent request and not for the fancy UI.

The tools we need is just a simple binary executable and command on Windows. I know this from this blog post.

How to: Copying Files from Windows to Linux via SSH (vice-versa)

We need to download that binary from this page. Just find pscp.exe. Select the latest version. Download it directly.



As soon as it arrived on your windows machine, just copied it to Windows, so we can execute it from anywhere via command line.

You can use it like this.

pscp C:\Documents\helloWorld.txt username@

Here’s how I test it


And I’m so happy when I see that file is in the server.


When you have a lots of files, it’s best to compress it so we can transfer it as a single file. You can use the default compression in windows.


Or you can use the 7zip if you are prefer the smaller files.

In this step I will use default windows compression. To unzip it in Linux you need to install it first. Just execute this command to install

yum install unzip

Then execute this command to unzip the file

unzip pics.zip  -d /tmp


Very easy right ?


Develop on Windows. Deploy on Linux


You will got the best from both worlds



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