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Grab your Visual Studio 2012 Update 2

I know I’m a lil bit late joining the party for installing VS 2012 update 2. But just get my internet connection upgraded. Smile. The first thing I do to download the VS 2012 update 2.

I think I need to create an offline installer and share it to my colleague next week. Yes. You can create an offline installer. I think this is the best way to install it. You can share it with others and save a national bandwith. Smile

You can follow the instruction here. Once again Rob Caron done a pretty great job explaining it step by step. But firstly you need to download an online installer here. Then follow Rob article. 

How to: Install Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 Offline

You can watch the interesting show about what’s awesome in this update.


If you like reading more than watching then you should read this one.


More complete list


And you know what I love the most ??


Yes. We need that bad. especially for large project.


Enjoy it !


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