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LiveWriter, Visual Studio and My Code

I’ve been using LiveWriter quite some time for now. It’s very easy and comfortable. Today I’ve found an interesting blogpost that explain how to paste code to LiveWriter so it can be displayed beautifully.


How to: Add a ‘Copy Code’ Link to Your Blog Post and Colored Code Blocks


This actually what I needed. My favorite IDE and Blog editor live happily ever after.

   public class HappyDayEA : EExpertAdvisor
        private IOrderManager _orderManagement;
        private const double LotSize = 1;
        private Order _buyOrder = null;
        private Order _sellOrder = null;
        private DateTime prevtime = default(DateTime);

        private bool isInitialize = false;
        protected override int Init()
            _orderManagement = new NoOrderCreatedManager(this);
            prevtime = Time[0];
            isInitialize = true;
            return (0);

        internal void CreatedMagicBoxFromPreviousCandle()
            _buyOrder = PendingBuy(Symbol, LotSize, High[1] 


Hope this helps !

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