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welcome async/await, goodbye BackgroundWorker

There are a lot of choice for us for doing asynchronous  work in UI. Which one is the best ? Can async/await replace BackgroundWorkder completely

async/await should replace your old BackgroundWorker. That’s it ! Why ?

MSDN explain about this.. Check this out


The async-based approach to asynchronous programming is preferable to existing approaches in almost every case. In particular, this approach is better than BackgroundWorker for IO-bound operations because the code is simpler and you don’t have to guard against race conditions. In combination with Task.Run, async programming is better than BackgroundWorker for CPU-bound operations because async programming separates the coordination details of running your code from the work that Task.Run transfers to the threadpool.

Ok. async/await is cool. But how to show the progress with async/await ? Can we do that. We need progress and cancel feature !


Of course we can !

You should visit this awesome blog post.




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